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Interested in sponsporing an event?

The NOVA SQL group is interested in sponsorship from an organization per meeting. A nominal fee is needed to cover the costs of food for the night. At the beginning of the meeting the sponsor will be announced and we will let the attendees know about the sponsor's offering. Feel free to include a paragraph about the company that you would like read as well as any materials (company overviews, shirts, hats, white papers, trail ware, books, etc). At the end of the meeting, we will give away one of your products and send you the luck winners information to register the product.


Thanks to the following companies for providing sponsorship for past and future meetings:
Idera Idera delivers a new generation of tools for managing the world's fastest growing database management system Microsoft SQL Server. Battle-proven and engineered for the enterprise, Idera helps database administrators keep SQL Server running at optimum performance, ensure availability, speed recovery, ease compliance requirements, and dramatically reduce administrative overhead. All of Idera's products are amazingly simple to use, provide remarkable results, and can be installed in minutes, configured in hours, and deployed worldwide in days.
Edgewood Solutions Edgewood Solutions was founded in 2001 by a team of database administrators and engineers skilled at creating customized Microsoft SQL Server database solutions for any size business. As both SQL server DBA consultants and value added resellers (VARs), we offer efficiency-enhancing SQL server tools and applications. We are experts at SQL database administration, performance issues and problem-solving. Combined with an understanding of business goals and effective project management, Edgewood delivers complete SQL server solutions.
Solid Quality Learning Solid Quality is a global provider of advanced education and solutions for the Microsoft data platform. Solid Quality combines deep technical expertise and real-world implementation experience with a commitment to instruction and training. Founded in 2002, Solid Quality has grown over 80 mentors worldwide serving clients on 5 continents. Our mentors include more than 20 winners of the Microsoft MVP award, 5 Microsoft Regional Directors, and authors of numerous best selling books.
SQL Farms SQL Farms, Inc. is a product-focused company that develops user centric software tools for database programmers, database administrators (DBAs), quality assurance engineers, and business intelligence (BI) users. Our software solutions are designed to meet the many challenges that arise in the development, deployment, management, and the maintenance of small, mid-size, and up to very large SQL server environments.
Symantec Symantec i³ for SQL Server, formerly VERITAS i³ for SQL Server, is an application performance management solution that helps you improve end user response time by proactively monitoring, analyzing, and tuning your SQL Server environment. The software provides a complete view of application performance by capturing, measuring, and correlating performance metrics from each supporting tier of your SQL Server-based custom applications infrastructure (web server, application server, database, and storage). When problems are detected, Symantec i³ helps you pinpoint the cause and identify the most effective course of action.
Lumigent Lumigent is the leader in enterprise database auditing solutions that help organizations mitigate the inherent risks associated with data use and address regulatory compliance. Lumigent Technologies, Inc. was incorporated as a Delaware corporation in August, 2000. The company is well financed, with investment from leading venture capital firms North Bridge and Greylock, as well as technology industry executives and company principals. The company is privately held and is based in Acton, Massachusetts.
Red Gate Software Red Gate Software Limited counts Microsoft, HP, Sage, Bank of America, AT&T, The US Treasury and over 95,000 other leading organizations as customers of our simple software tools. There are over 200,000 Microsoft technology professionals currently using Red Gate products. Red Gate was founded in 1999 and moved to Cambridge at the start of the year 2000. We are a privately owned and managed company. Our focus is on Microsoft technologies. Red Gate was chosen as a Global Gold Launch Partner for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Visual Studio Industry Partner.
Edge Tech Corp EDGE Tech Corp, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company founded in 1986, is a leading memory supplier. EDGE sells 100% compatible Dell Memory and memory upgrades for other leading system manufacturers. EDGE also offers Flash Drives, USB Watches, Digital Frames, and Portable Hard Drives. EDGE is a channel-focused manufacturer, building long-term partnerships with distributors and resellers that demand the highest level of service and support from their vendor-partners.
Edge Tech Corp

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 Capital PC User Group  The Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) , Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization established in 1982, provides a forum for sharing information, experience, and resources among computer users, from novice to advanced. Although the group serves primarily the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, members are found around the world.
 MSSQLTips was started and is run by Edgewood Solutions, SQL Server industry experts that saw the need for a different approach to learning about SQL Server.


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